Saturday, September 6, 2014

Set Sail

Hullo! Post #4! Yay!

I'm pretty happy to show you this next outfit I have here, which is obviously sailor themed! I had been looking for a sailor dress for the longest time, so I was thrilled when I saw this cute one by Sugar&Spice! The dress comes with a necklace, a headbow, and sandals, however for this particular coordination I didn't wear the headbow or sandals.

The stockings are from one of my favorite stores -- .des lunes. They have them up as a gacha prize you can win. They're so adorable ^O^

And last but not least, my sneakers are from a set which I bought on the marketplace. They came with an outfit made by a store called Royal Pain. However, I looked around and I do not see this outfit sold in their marketplace store or inworld store. :C I am so sorry, but i will keep looking!

Bye Bye Everyone!


Dress & Necklace: Sugar & Spice - Nautical White

Stockings: .des lunes. Gacha Prize

Shoes: *-*Royal Pain*-*

Hair: Bought ages ago off the marketplace from what i discovered was a knockoff hair store. The store has since disappeared, but there are others like it on the marketplace, Like this one.

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