Saturday, September 6, 2014

Set Sail

Hullo! Post #4! Yay!

I'm pretty happy to show you this next outfit I have here, which is obviously sailor themed! I had been looking for a sailor dress for the longest time, so I was thrilled when I saw this cute one by Sugar&Spice! The dress comes with a necklace, a headbow, and sandals, however for this particular coordination I didn't wear the headbow or sandals.

The stockings are from one of my favorite stores -- .des lunes. They have them up as a gacha prize you can win. They're so adorable ^O^

And last but not least, my sneakers are from a set which I bought on the marketplace. They came with an outfit made by a store called Royal Pain. However, I looked around and I do not see this outfit sold in their marketplace store or inworld store. :C I am so sorry, but i will keep looking!

Bye Bye Everyone!


Dress & Necklace: Sugar & Spice - Nautical White

Stockings: .des lunes. Gacha Prize

Shoes: *-*Royal Pain*-*

Hair: Bought ages ago off the marketplace from what i discovered was a knockoff hair store. The store has since disappeared, but there are others like it on the marketplace, Like this one.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Little Lady

Next Post! Yay!

This next outfit has got to be one of my favorites by far. This dress I'm wearing is from the {All the Little Things} Gacha Event, and it's made by Tiny Buttons! It comes with adorable sandals and two headbows, although I only elected to use one with this outfit. There are 4 different colorways to choose from, but I fell in love with this red one. The color is more of a coral, and there are cute little heart prints on the skirt. It's just a lovely dress!

I dressed it up with two different necklaces. The first one is obscured by the dress, but it's the same necklace from my first post. The pink beads are from an entirely different set from Baby Pie - The Primcess set in Pink.

And last but not least, this super cute bag which I got from The Arcade Gacha Event! These were from a booth by a store called The Sugar Garden! It isn't a store that caters to kiddies, but they sell some super cute stuff there! I really lucked out on this one because it came in just the color I needed it too, haha!

Until Next Time!

Hair: Dura - Girl*31 (Black)

Eyes: Hollypop Cute Shapes - Emerald: All Colors Pack

Necklace 1: Woodland Gacha - August

Necklace 2: Baby Pie - Primcess Pink. Comes in a set.

Bag: The Arcade Gacha Events - September

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Yay! Another post! Today, I've mixed up and put together some freebie and non-freebie items. I must say that I love in particular this pink cardigan, which is actually part of a full outfit which I got from Heritage Adoption Freebie Room :D. A lot of cardigans I've gotten are a lil glitchy, but this one is great! I <3 it!

The jeans are part of an outfit from [s.o.] cute called "Got Time".

The shoes are from this month's Woodland Gacha which I got from a stall called (-DD-). They come with a matching tutu, but I really love all the adorable shoes they have! @o@. The shoes I'm wearing are the "Paris" version.

Hair: Love Soul: Hair*140*Jet Black

Cardigan and Shirt: *SC* Tsuri

Pants: [s.o.] cute: Got Time

Shoes: Woodland Gacha - September

Skin: Michi III LB

Monday, September 1, 2014


Hooray for Nurds! <3

First Blog Post! Yay!

Hooray for Firsts! ^O^ So, to kick off, I decided I would post one my my favorite color matchups--red and black! This is also one of my most favorite coordinates I have so far.

It's very casual, but I still like it very much.

Hair:Love Soul Hair*138*Jet Black

Shirt: Little Nerds Gacha Item #12 Red Nerd

Shorts: Little Closet Dark Wash Denim Shorts

Sneakers:Woodland Treasures Gacha - August

by Lil Smartie Pants

Necklace: Woodland Treasures Gacha - Princess Monogram Neckalce: E [tea.s]

Glasses: T.C. Kawaii Glasses(Black)